When and why did I last online shop for auto insurance? In late December, a neighbor’s dead tree fell on my low mileage 2008 Subaru, resulting in a ‘total loss’ determination. This experience led to my first attempt to seek auto insurance through an online quoting platform. What compelled me to do so? I was just feeling badly, a bit abandoned by the ‘total loss’ determination, and a had a fleeting interest in trying out a telematics device. My motive was event driven – something insurers can track. Hence, one scenario for shopping insurance is dissatisfaction, but what more should carriers know about the shopping behaviors of their policyholders and how can they better recognize the events that could provoke it?

This month, LexisNexis Risk Solutions addresses the ‘shopping problem’ in a new sponsored case study, “CSAA Uncovers Key Insights About Auto Insurance.”

The case study relays CSAA Insurance Group’s concerns about policyholder shopping behaviors and their desire to be proactive in retaining their hard won customers. This quick read offers insights about CSAA’s pilot program, from which management received unexpected results and designed a multi-touch marketing strategy to retain its most profitable customers. Download this case study for the details.

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