Saying “no” can help you advance at your company, and the action can keep a broader career trajectory on track.

That’s according to a recent article posted on the website of KelloggInsight, a magazine with the Kellogg School of Management. The piece, based on the work of Kellogg Professor Carter Cast, challenges the standard notion that high-performing employees should always take on more responsibilities when asked.

What is recommended instead is to consider first whether you are feeling overwhelmed by your existing responsibilities. According to the write-up, learning to say “no” tactfully is important to preserve valuable time and energy needed for other important tasks.

Of course, employees and rising managers often accept new responsibilities because they want to develop work relationships and keep positive impressions in play. But the piece argues that you can protect your time and also not disconnect entirely. One example of how to do this: sharing ideas over the phone for five minutes rather than sitting down for an hour with a colleague.

The recommendation is one of five Cast offers that can help employees keep their career on track. Click here to read about the other four recommendations.