Beazley is adding more new options to its Breach Response coverage for small and midsize policyholders in the United States. Allstate Roadside Services is expanding a pilot program with Lyft designed to give some drivers an alternative transportation option when their vehicle breaks down.


Beazley is once again beefing up its Breach Response coverage for small and midsize policyholders in the U.S.

The specialist insurer said it is working with its subsidiary, Lodestone Security, to give its policyholders up to 100 hours of post-breach consultation and remediation services.

Beazley said its expanded service is available by endorsement, with a goal of making sure policyholders dealing with unauthorized access or use of their systems can resume operations with optimal levels of security that prevent a new breach.

The service includes an assessment of external and internal vulnerabilities, recommendations for improvement across networks, application servers and databases, and for putting in place the right people and processes. There also are consultation services designed to help improve or implement incident response plans and other critical policies and procedures.


Allstate said its Roadside Services division is expanding its relationship with ridesharing company Lyft.

Rapid expansion of the Continued Mobility program builds on a pilot started in 2017, when both companies began testing the alternative transportation option for select drivers who need to continue to their final destination after their vehicle breaks down. The service includes, in part, Allstate’s Good Hands Rescue option.

Allstate Roadside Services first began its relationship with Lyft in 2015, when the ridesharing company picked it to offer an initial oadside assistance option to drivers on the Lyft platform.

Sources: Beazley, Allstate