AmTrust Financial Services is rolling out a new warranty app and platform. Roost is unveiling a smart garage door sensor.


AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. has unveiled TapSafe, a new warranty app and platform.

TapSafe is designed to help consumers automatically find, identify and protect all of their connected devices including phones, tablets, smart home hubs, wearables and more.

The new product, developed by AmTrust Innovation (the products and services innovation arm of AmTrust Financial) lets users to buy warranty protection and technical support for any connected devices.

TapSafe’s automatic connected device discovery technology is supported by AmTrust’s partnership with Fing, a provider of network security and troubleshooting servoces with over 25 million downloads and the discovery of over 9 billion connected devices internationally. Warranties on devices detected by the TapSafe app are backed by AmTrust, a Fortune 500 company and a warranty insurer covering over $1 billion in warranty insurance premiums annually.


Roost, a developer of home telematics for property insurers, is rolling out the Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor.

Roost created the sensor for insurers to drive customer engagement, as well enhance home protection and everyday customer peace of mind.

The Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor keeps customers apprised of the state of their garage door, providing greater knowledge and awareness of the security of their home. Through its mobile app, Roost notifies owners if the garage is still open at bedtime, or if it is left open after they drive away in the morning. Notifications can also be customized by time. The Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor is one more way that Roost helps people take care of their house and their loved ones by monitoring the “heartbeat of their home.”

Roost said the Wi-Fi-connected sensor sends customizable notifications to a smartphone, communicating the state of a garage door; open or closed. At any hour, owners can check Roost’s free mobile app to check on the status of their garage door home entry point.

Sources: AmTrust Financial Services, Roost