QBE North America is part of a new alliance designed to market broader insurance policies for commercial janitorial and related building service business. Liberty Mutual Insurance unveiled two new analytics tools designed to help homeowners make smarter choices about where they live and stay ahead of building maintenance.


QBE North America and Tangram Insurance are teaming on a new insurance targeted to commercial building service companies who serve janitors, painters, paper hangers and carpet cleaners.

The agreement between QBE and Tangram, a national program administrator, will provide tailored and competitive package products to the client base. QBE North America said the initiative, known as the Janitorial Program, is part of its broader strategy to meet targeted and evolving needs of customers through a limited and preferred network of agents and brokers.

QBE/Tangram said the program is designed especially for commercial janitorial and related building service businesses, and offers integrated products for a wide range of coverages including General Liability, Commercial auto, Property, Inland Marine and Crime. Right now, the program is available in 27 states with further expansion possible in the months ahead.


Liberty Mutual Insurance recently unveiled two new tools designed to help homeowners make better decisions about where and how they live.

The two tools – Total Home Score and Dwellbeing, are being released by Solaria Labs, Liberty Mutual’s network of innovation centers in Boston and Singapore.

Total Home Score is an analytics product that helps consumers understand hidden livability factors before they move into a new home. Home buyers can use the product to search address-specific estimates for data including locations of aggressive driving, noise levels surrounding a home and other factors. Total Home Score is available in Massachusetts and Chicago, with a wider rollout planned throughout the year.

Dwellbeing is a resource designed to help homeowners proactively maintain their home with personalized task-oriented notifications. The app will send customized alerts when common household appliances or systems need to be maintained, and also give details on how to service them. Dwellbeing is being tested with a small group of users and should be available to the broader public later in 2018.

Sources: QBE North America, Liberty Mutual Insurance