Creative time management can help CEOs and other executives do their jobs better. With this in mind, Carrier Management has gathered some write-ups from around the web and elsewhere that offer some valuable tips.

One idea: actual time constraints. The Kellogg School’s David Schonthal argues, in part, that carving out short periods of time to generate ideas and taking time to reflect can help a leader generate innovative pathways and also a clear course. Click here for details.

Bain & Company partner James Allen elaborates on the latter idea – making time alone to think – in a Harvard Business Review blog posting focused on leadership. This quiet time, Allen said, helps a CEO advance strategy away from a staff that often has a different agenda. For more details on this idea, click here.

Another time management tip: executives should make time for leadership briefings. These sessions can help motivate and teach staff, assuming they engage employees and get the leader’s message across, best practices company CEB said in a blog posting earlier this year. Get further details at this link.

Finally, here’s a time management piece addressing what can be a big drain on executives’ time: keeping the peace between clashing coworkers. Accountemps, a specialized staffing service, said in a study earlier this year that CFOs typically spend an average of 15 percent of their time managing staff conflicts – 6 hours per day. That time takes executives from business priorities, of course. Accountemps recommended that executives, in part, make an effort to understand the situation from the coworker’s perspective, and to try to handle the disagreement quickly so the conflict doesn’t disrupt others. For the full roster of Accountemps recommendations, click here.

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