The Hartford has expanded its International Choice portfolio of insurance products and services for U.S. businesses with global operations or activities.

The insurer is also teaming up with AXA Corporate Solutions to offer local insurance coverage in up to 150 countries through AXA Corporate Solutions’ international network.

The new products in the International Choice portfolio include:

  • The Hartford Exporters Package Policy, designed for U.S. businesses that are engaged in international commerce but which do not have permanent employees or physical worksites overseas.
  • The Hartford’s new Master Policy, designed for U.S. businesses that have a physical presence in one or more locations abroad.
  • The Hartford’s new Controlled Master Program, which packages The Hartford’s Master Policy with local policies offered through AXA Corporate Solutions’ network in a single coordinated insurance program for a U.S. company’s international risks.

The Hartford said that the Master Policy and Controlled Master Program will be available later in 2016.

Source: The Hartford