Asynchronous Work: Fix for Burnout?

Carrier Management Magazine • Quarter 1 2022 Edition

Strategy consultants and C-suite officers share perspectives on the need for an industrywide culture refresh that embraces “asynchronous work” arrangements and strategies for synching the new work environments with customer and employee engagement goals. And they weigh in on the need for a new addition to the senior team—a head of remote work.

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Talent 2022

5 Tips to Keep Employees From Leaving

It's been called "The Great Resignation," "The Great Migration," "The Big Quit," etc., but whatever name you give it, employees from all industries are still quitting in droves. Some are seeking ...

InsurTech Profiles

Leadership and Management

The Convincing Side of Change

Struggling with people resisting making the changes you know you need to make in your organization? Don't know how to get buy-in from people so that you can change things for the better? Challenged ...

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Technology and Automation

VC Viewpoint

Risk Alerts

Casualty Underwriting: The Original ESG

Promoting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance has become a top priority of corporate executives and boards everywhere, including in property and casualty insurance. However, ...

From the Editor

Is It Time to Sell the Building?

Even though representatives of Lloyd's of London prepared the world for the news last year, last month's headlines prompted some stunned reactions. One of those headlines—"Lloyd's Weighs Future of ...