Tom Vykruta, chief executive officer and co-founder at InsurTech EvolutionIQ, is no stranger to solving hard problems.

Executive Summary

Former Google engineer Tomas Vykruta is used to solving difficult problems, but the one that insurance claims adjusters face every day when they're reviewing bodily injury claims is one that strikes him as "impossibly hard." Recently, he told Carrier Management about how he is bringing machine learning approaches to the problem and replacing an interval-based approach to handling these claims with one guided by AI.

Problem solver was essentially the job description for the relative newcomer to the insurance industry in one of his previous roles at Google.

“They would have some massive data problems, some real large problems [being tackled] using older-style heuristics and rules-based methods, and my job was to see if I could transition them into a more modern approach,” said Vykruta, a commercial airline pilot and former Google engineer who arrived on the scene at the multinational technology giant when Google first started using machine learning techniques.

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