While Tesla has designs on using the data it collects to price insurance policies, the founder of an InsurTech is using it for the other end of insurance transactions—to unravel the story of accidents.

Executive Summary

"When an automated or autonomous vehicle is involved in an accident, how is liability assigned? Who is to blame—the drivers, the car or a combination? Is objective vehicle data available, and what does it tell us?" The questions from the website of law firm Nelson Niehaus are the same ones being tackled at companion InsurTech Quantiv Risk. Mike Nelson, law firm partner, "mobility nerd," Tesla driver and InsurTech executive described his journey to founding both firms to Carrier Management recently. Feature photo: Courtesy of Tesla

Michael Nelson, a lawyer with 30 years of experience representing carriers and corporations in complex business litigation, class actions and insurance regulatory matters, is the founder of the InsurTech Quantiv Risk. He is also a partner in the law firm Nelson Niehaus, which offers litigation and risk management services related to emerging mobility technology. He started both firms in 2020.

According to a bio on the Nelson Niehaus website, Nelson is also a “mobility nerd.” His frequent LinkedIn posts about all things mobility, and about his personal experiences in driving Teslas, are peppered with the hashtag #askthecar—a shorthand phrase that describes what Quantiv Risk is all about—bringing transparency to what happened in accidents involving vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

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