If the traditional in-office, nine-to-five workday led to employee burnout, many say the virtual work environment proliferated during the pandemic is leading to another type of exhaustion: Zoom fatigue.

Executive Summary

Despite a shift away from the traditional office environment, employee burnout and fatigue are still presenting challenges as technology becomes the center of the workday. Insurers are learning to strike the right balance and adapt with creative solutions so they can prioritize employees, reinvent their leadership strategies and continue serving customers.

This is tiredness or anxiety brought on by the overuse of virtual platforms such as video conferencing, and Itai Ben-Zaken, co-founder and CEO of real estate InsurTech Honeycomb, said the answer could be chocolate.

“Starting the meeting with something fun, like sending everyone chocolate and opening it together before the team meeting,” is one strategy, he said.

As effective as that sounds, he adds that striking the right balance with a virtual workforce may require a more precise solution than simply a spoonful of sugar.

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