One of the insightful tidbits that Carrier Management took away from a talent webinar hosted by InsurTech Indenseo earlier this year was the idea that young technology professionals “don’t want to be the most senior person in the room or the most expert at something in the room.”

Michelle Zell, the human resources director for technology and engineering company Bosch North America, expressed that view, also noting that incoming technology recruits want to keep learning—from leaders and team members.

At least one InsurTech carrier seems to be on the same page with Zell. In a recent article posted on titled “Good People, Big Dream,” Itamar Kestenbaum, team lead at Lemonade, explains how the company is building a new generation of engineers with its “Lemonade Makers” program.

As Kestenbaum explains, the “Lemonade Makers” program has an onboarding experience that includes an assignment to a “Makers Lead,” which devotes time to ensuring the new hire is “comfortable and confident in their work, abilities and growth at Lemonade.”

Rather than hiring experienced engineers, who are difficult to recruit, the company “shuns the ‘hero’ and ’10x engineer’ culture.” It seeks out developers in the early stages of their careers—”good, empathetic, open-minded people with great coding skills” who want to “improve and learn,” Kestenbaum writes in the article, which details other important aspects of the program (bonding of cohorts that onboard together, ongoing in-person interactions with staff engineers and product managers, and instilling a culture of high code quality standards.)