Taking a long-term view isn’t just good advice for liability insurers writing long-tail casualty business. It also makes sense for property/casualty managers and executives who feel as if their work lives and home lives aren’t in balance.

Marsha Egan, the author of the accompanying article, offered the advice and outlined seven strategies for work-life balance during an Insurance Journal Academy webinar last year. (IJ Academy and Carrier Management are both part of Wells Media Group.)

The webinar, titled “Whacked Out or Balanced: 7 Strategies to Enhance Your Work/Life Balance,” is available on demand at ijacademy.com (click on “Course Catalog” and “On-Demand.”

Key points of the webinar are summarized in the Carrier Management article “Want Your Work and Life in Balance? Take a Long-Term View, Exec Coach Says.” (carriermag.com/nbuty)

Additional Academy webinars featuring Egan are also available, including these:

For more information, visit Egan’s website (http://marshaegan.com//) and her blogs (http://InnerClout.com/blog and http://MarshaEgan.com/blog).