Executive Summary

"You can only lead if people are prepared to follow," writes Aspen Insurance CEO Mario Vitale, stressing the idea that leaders need to earn the respect of their teams. Here he lists a dozen principles of impactful leadership that he's learned over the years, summarizing some of the key points he delivered in a presentation at the IICF Women in Global Insurance Conference in June.

What makes for a strong and sound leader? There invariably are a number of leadership archetypes: the charismatic leader, the paternal leader, the collegiate leader, the narcissistic leader—just to name a few.

But when it comes to impactful leadership, success will be judged not simply on what you deliver but how you deliver it. In my experience, there are key skills and practices that once embraced can influence the true and lasting impact of a leader.

Speaking at the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s (IICF) 2015 Women in Insurance Global Conference in June, I outlined the skills, actions and behaviors that make for impactful leadership that spans generations, sharing 12 principles I believe make for a strong leader.

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