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Synatic, a data integration and automation provider, announced a new partnership with Ferro, a commercial property/casualty policyholder platform.

The Synatic-Ferro partnership leverages data integration and automation in an effort to streamline integration and insurance administration processes while simultaneously reinventing the way brokers, policyholders, and property/casualty insurers collaborate and connect. Under this agreement, Synatic, through its Data Integration Hub, extracts and integrates data from existing systems before consolidating and preparing it for ingestion by Ferro’s property/casualty policyholder platform.

Together, Synatic and Ferro enable brokers and insureds to collaborate around access to, and usability of, insurance and risk management information, like schedules, policies, payrolls, claims and more.

The partnership is expected to enhance agents’ and brokers’ ability to initiate, organize, maintain, and move information from one place to another; present complete, organized and better-looking submissions; collaborate with a shared dataset; automate applications and e-sign; and keep data up to date year-round.


Artigem LLC, a technology-enabled contents and jewelry service provider to the property/casualty insurance industry, announced a partnership with Openly, a next-generation insurance provider designed exclusively for and by independent agents.

The partnership will allow Openly to leverage Artigem’s personal property contents software, Streamline, with an effort to increase claim efficiency, speed and accuracy.

Using Artigem Streamline, Openly will be able to utilize features within the system to price out contents claims. Policyholders have the ability to create inventories, track how their claim progresses and receive a settlement.

Openly is a remote-first premium homeowners insurance company founded in 2017. Its centralized platform offers coverage using advanced pricing models. Founded by industry veterans in 2017. Since 2001, Artigem has implemented technology to provide efficient ways to process claims. Artigem Streamline is working to innovate in contents claim technology by connecting carriers and third-party vendors.


Relm Insurance Ltd., a specialty insurance carrier, announced a partnership with NetDiligence, a provider of cyber risk readiness and response services, to deliver a suite of cyber risk monitoring services to policyholders via automated enrollment through NetDiligence’s eRiskHub.

The eRiskHub is a platform that offers a range of preventative and recovery information, education and services. The platform is specifically designed for the prevention, reporting and recovery of losses caused by cyber incidents. Relm policyholders will have access to cyber risk information and features such as incident response guidance, a news and learning center, risk manager tools, eRisk resources, and a mobile-friendly platform.

Relm’s partnership with NetDiligence follows other recently announced initiatives designed to enhance the carrier’s offerings to policyholders. In November 2022, Relm partnered with cyber risk analytics firm CyberCube to bolster its cyber underwriting business with artificial intelligence and advanced risk modeling capabilities. In January, Relm expanded its strategic fronting partnership with Trisura, enabling the Bermuda-based carrier to provide capacity in support of AM-Best rated paper for U.S. digital asset risks.

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