Washington, DC, August 14, 2019 Athenium Analytics, maker of industry-leading quality-assurance software for insurance carriers, today announced launch of a new product for small and medium QA teams, called teamthink Envoy.

Athenium Analytics tailored teamthink Envoy as a highly cost-effective alternative to cumbersome spreadsheet tools that require too much time in exchange for too few insights.

“This is a big day for insurance QA – a vital function that merits better solutions with much more value than current products deliver for smaller carriers,” said Bill Pardue, Chairman & CEO of Athenium Analytics. “Until today, only the largest carriers could glean the most impactful insights from their quality audits. teamthink Envoy makes those insights available to everyone. By automating and streamlining the QA process, we are freeing teams from having to spend so much time crunching data – they can focus on what the data are telling them.”

Key features of teamthink Envoy include:

  • Powerful dashboards to drill into leakage factors and root causes.
  • Tailored questionnaires built on more than a decade of QA expertise.
  • Automated file selection and assignment to pull relevant claims files for review.
  • Web-enabled interface that allows for seamless collaboration across teams or offices.

“These features are a game-changer for small QA teams” added Jordan Foley, Chief Product Officer.

Jake Gerber, VP of Product Architecture, added, “in small teams, everyone is constantly wearing too many hats. teamthink Envoy liberates teams to focus on what to do with insights, rather than just how to get them.”

teamthink Envoy is cloud-based and securely hosted – implementation will be seamless and straightforward.

Garnet Glover, SVP of Sales, said: “I constantly hear from small QA teams they want QA insights, but existing programs are too expensive or not focused. teamthink Envoy puts insights into the hands of smaller carriers.”

Learn more at: https://www.athenium.com/products/teamthink-envoy/

About Athenium Analytics: Athenium Analytics makes web-based software products that help insurance leaders understand their businesses better. Whether you want to improve underwriting performance, streamline claims processing, or analyze the quality of your operations in more detail, Athenium Analytics has a product you can rely on. Leveraging big data, artificial intelligence and market-driven insights, our products help carriers of all sizes identify risk and make smart decisions faster.

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