A clear, distinct brand is vital when it comes to marketing and advertising to gain customer awareness and loyalty, but companies often fail to give the same attention to their employer brand. That can be a costly mistake, says a new article from HR People + Strategy, noting that in this competitive job market, a strong employer brand is your organization’s best tool for attracting, hiring and retaining top talent.

Employer review sites have been gaining in popularity, giving current and former employees the opportunity to post anonymous (and often scathing) reviews of what it’s really like to work at a company—and job seekers are paying attention.

Among the author’s tips for creating a strong employer brand:

Walk your talk. Survey employees about things like engagement, work/life balance and whether they feel valued for their work. Conduct “stay interviews” with key people in all departments to find out what they like about their jobs and what they would change.

Leverage social media and your company website. Create a blog about your industry on your website to engage customers, vendors, job seekers and anyone else who does or could do business with you. Use social media to post photos of events and highlight employee achievements.

Hone your offboarding process. Natural turnover is one thing, but layoffs, staff reductions or just letting an underperforming employee go can create anger and resentment. Along with a severance package and recognition for the employee’s hard work, it’s critical to provide outplacement services to help exiting employees find their next opportunity.

For more tips, see the full article: “Why a Strong Employer Brand Is Everything