Although Berkshire Hathaway reported a 7.7 percent jump in operating income for the third-quarter of 2013, Berkshire’s insurance operations saw earnings fall in the quarter.

Taken together, operating earnings for property/casualty and life operations fell 8.4 percent to just over $1.0 billion in the quarter.

BH3Q2013 INSWhile underwriting income was less than half the figure reported for last year’s third quarter—$170 million in third-quarter 2013 compared to $392 million in third-quarter 2012—investment income from insurance operations grew 17.5 percent.

Third-quarter results for individual insurance operations for just the property-casualty operations are shown below.BH3Q2013 PCINS

The company said that nearly $425 million of pretax losses from floods and a European hailstorm impacted results for the reinsurance operations through the first nine months of this year.

BH9mos2013 PCINS