Allstate reports that its Drivewise customers will register more than one billion miles driven this month.

In a statement Friday, Allstate also said that Drivewise is launching in Kentucky and Montana on Monday, making the usage-based insurance product available in 22 states.

According to Allstate, Drivewise gives safe drivers the opportunity to showcase their safe driving habits and earn a reward for it. Allstate’s UBI product measures things such as mileage, hard braking, excessive speed, and the time of day when a customer drives. Using that data, Allstate calculates insurance premium savings for each customer using its telematics technology.

Allstate said that as it continues its expansion plan with Drivewise, the carrier expects to see the program available in the majority of the country by year end. Upon signing up for and using the device, customers receive savings equal to 10 percent of premium. After the first six months of use, customer savings are based on driving performance calculated from the data collected.

Drivewise customers can see their recorded driving behavior data on their smartphones or online with report cards that provides near real-time updates with each trip and provides easier access to customers on the go (customers must first create an online account to get a user ID and password). The web portal and app also display the potential performance savings amount a customer may be eligible for based on their driving habits, so drivers can constantly connect the way they drive with how much money they can save.

Drivewise continues to improve driving behavior and reward customers for safe driving. In previous states with the device, seven of every 10 Drivewise customers are saving money through the program and no one receives an increase, Allstate said. Of the drivers earning a discount, the average savings is about 14 percent per vehicle.

Allstate reports that roughly, a third of all new customers enroll in the Drivewise program, where it is available.

Employing advanced telematics technology, Drivewise plugs into the on-board diagnostic port found under the dashboard/steering column on most cars (1996 model year and later) to track driving behavior. Participants can easily plug in the small, wireless telematics device, and then go online or use the mobile app to learn about their habits behind the wheel and identify what they can do to become safer drivers, which could also improve their auto insurance savings.

Source: Allstate Corporation