Eyes in the Sky: Geospatial Information Systems

Carrier Management Magazine • Quarter 4 2021 Edition

When Mike Fitzgerald, the principal insurance analyst for CB Insights, talks about geospatial technology and its applications in property/casualty insurance, he finds it challenging to restrain his enthusiasm about the subject.

“I really do view this as the next big thing—on the order of the Internet, on the order of mobile phones,” said Fitzgerald who is the guest editor for the content of this edition that is devoted to the current and potential uses of geospatial information systems in insurance.

Fitzgerald connected with representatives of all corners of the P/C insurance industry to describe ways in which insurers can access data from cameras and sensors positioned aboard satellites, drones and manned airplanes, store the information in the cloud, and use artificial intelligence to apply what sensors capture to the business problems of insurance.

Other highlights of this edition include an investigation of why founders leave InsurTechs, and profiles of InsurTechs Vouch and Shepherd, who are innovating commercial underwriting for their target markets.

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Cover Story

Meet the Guest Editor

Mike Fitzgerald, principal analyst, Insurance for CB Insights, served as a guest editor for this edition of Carrier Management. In addition to conceiving the idea for the featured topic, geospatial ...

Executive Viewpoint

A Special Time for Specialty Markets

The specialty insurance marketplace always has been a vast laboratory for nascent products. It once was a tiny market. Those days are over. Today, with tens of billions in premiums in the U.S. ...


Rebuilding Construction Insurance

At the end of an hour-long interview, the chief executive officer of an InsurTech focused on liability coverage for middle-market commercial construction contractors gave an unusual answer to a ...


Push for Litigation Funding Disclosure Grows

The privacy once enjoyed by investors who finance other people's lawsuits was rarely questioned before Hulk Hogan brought a media spotlight onto the niche industry after winning a $140 million jury ...

Leadership Tips

Leadership and Management

Why Founders Leave InsurTechs

Ron Glozman has always been a problem-solver, a good skill to have as a tech visionary creating companies that automate manual processes in the insurance industry. Once the business is launched, he's ...

Risk Alerts

What Do You Do With Emerging Interest Risks?

Every emerging risk strategy must begin with a horizon scan. At Praedicat, our strategy is to scan the scientific literature for indications that scientists are investigating a new hypothesis that ...

Technology and Analytics

Is InsurTech Hype or Not?

Although more than 6,000 people attended this year's InsureTech Connect conference in Las Vegas, three words uttered by one well-known attendee got the most attention from readers of Carrier ...

From the Editor

When Will the 'Climate' Change?

During the recent InsureTech Connect conference, Pranav Pasricha, global head of P&C Solutions for Swiss Re, made this observation while talking about property insurance innovations: ...