Reimagining Insurance: Root’s CEO Alex Tim

Carrier Management Magazine • January/February 2020 Edition

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Insurance 2020

Executive Viewpoint

Executive Profile

Leadership and Strategy

A Model for CEO Excellence

What separates an excellent CEO from the rest of the pack? In a new study on "The mindsets and practices of excellent CEOs," McKinsey & Company looked at the six main elements of the CEO's ...

Risk Alerts

Technology and Analytics

Machine Learning Today and Tomorrow

It is difficult to open an insurance industry newsletter these days without seeing some reference to machine learning or its cousin artificial intelligence and how they will revolutionize the ...

The New IoT Insurance Wave: Small Commercial!

The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a relevant trend for our hyper-connected society. A few years ago it was estimated that on a normal day, 127 new devices were connecting to the Internet ...

Reinsurance 2020

The Story of Cover Genius

Among the predictions delivered toward the end of 2019, one long-term forecast stood apart from the rest. "I think insurance will actually start to just disappear into the ether," an industry ...

Did You Know? Auto and Renters Risks Correlated

To Alex Timm, CEO of Root Insurance Company, the auto insurance carrier's recent move into the renters insurance market seemed like a natural extension for its customer base given that 70 percent of ...

Supercool Moves

The January/February 2020 edition marks the third time we have pictured an InsurTech founder on the cover of Carrier Management. Louis Ziskin, the founder of DropIn Inc., was the first in December ...