Career counseling website Land Your Life offers introverted job seekers 42 career suggestions catering to the quieter half of the population. There’s accountant, private chef, writer, court reporter…and insurance underwriter.

This makes sense as consultancies like Quiet Revolution, co-founded by well-known author and speaker Susan Cain, an introvert advocate, say one-third to half of the population identifies as introverts. Such folks tend to think longer about a topic before voicing their ideas or concerns and are seldom the first ones to speak out, especially in a crowd.

Underwriters, “the analytical minds behind insurance policies,” spend long hours reviewing insurance applications to issue policy terms and premium amounts, creating an ideal setting for heavy thinkers who enjoy working alone.

“The introverted underwriter will prove to be a valuable team member, as they are able to sit for long stretches and objectively investigate candidates and make proper determinations for insurance,” the article reads.

While many underwriters receive on-the-job training, it’s becoming increasingly popular for underwriters to have bachelor’s degrees in areas like business or communications, they say.

Then there’s always the actuarial sciences. Just saying.