Some aspiring leaders think that it is lonely at the top. Not so. Or at least it doesn’t have to be.

Executive Summary

Leaders should embrace the power of "we," according to executive coach Marsha Egan, who distinguishes between sharing leaders who are able to lead others to a common goal and selfish ones who hold back their organizations by hoarding information and deflating morale. Click here for information about more content from author Marsha Egan.

The really effective leaders have learned—and understand—that they cannot do it alone. They embrace the power of “we.” They see value in working with others who lead, whether they are leaders by position or informal influence. Great leaders share.

The sharing leader recognizes that there are others at his or her level who can lead concurrently. This means that they are not selfish about their position; they recognize that others have important responsibilities and the ability to lead others toward a common goal. They see others in similar-level positions as part of their team.

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