Are there some companies that breeding grounds for future chief executives? Are there any “CEO factories” in the insurance sector?

A new analysis from online small business lender OnDeck has found that five management consulting firms produce the most CEOs. And among those consulting firms, McKinsey & Company outranks the others, according to the OnDeck analysis, which found that 7.1 percent of McKinsey’s former employees have graduated into the role somewhere.

Only one property/casualty insurance company appears on any of the charts created by OnDeck: AIG.

But with just under 2 percent of AIG employees (1.79 percent) climbing the corporate ladder to a CEO role over the course of their careers, the commercial insurance giant’s ability to manufacture CEOs falls well short of the McKinsey, and even Lazard—the top-ranked financial firm.

AIG ranks 17th out of 20 finance companies analyzed by OnDeck.

Source: “The Companies That Produce the Most CEOs” by OnDeck

As for the management consulting firms, Bain & Company ranks behind McKinsey with 6.7 percent of Bain’s past employees now holding CEO roles, followed by Boston Consulting Group (6.0 percent), Kearney (5.6 percent), and Oliver Wyman (5.3 percent).

Next on the all-industry list, behind the management consultants, is the National Football League (4.8 percent) coming in just ahead of Lazard.

The NFL is ranked first on a list of hospitality companies. Additional rankings also show which companies produce the most CEOs across the technology, media, automotive industries.

OnDeck characterizes the firm Booz Allen Hamilton as an technology company and ranks it ahead of likes of AOL, Yahoo, Gartner and SAP.

Source: “The Companies That Produce the Most CEOs” by OnDeck

To complete its analysis, OnDeck compiled a long list of companies and analyzed the LinkedIn profiles of former employees to find which companies produce the most CEOs.

The full report, “The Companies That Produce the Most CEOs” is available on the OnDeck website at

Source: OnDeck