The Hartford is working with Tractable on a claims process project involving artificial intelligence. Roost, a developer of home telematics for property insurance carriers, added a new service to its signature product designed to help protect against armed intruders. Buckle entered a new state with its rideshare-only auto insurance product.


The Hartford and Tractable are partnering on a claims process project involving artificial intelligence.

Their arrangement involves The Hartford using Tractable’s AI technology to analyze auto damage within its U.S. auto insurance claims operations, with a goal of accelerating how quickly claims can be processed for its customers.

Tractable uses computer vision to assess photos of car damage: the AI understands vehicle damage like an expert human appraiser and returns an appraisal as soon as the user submits photos. The company, launched in 2015, develops artificial intelligence systems for accident and disaster recovery.


Roost, a developer of home telematics for property insurance carriers, added a new Armed Intruder Emergency Service to its Protection360 Commercial Property Telematics product. (The company said that its partner Church Mutual will be the first carrier to start using the product for its clients’ houses of worship).

According to Roost the Armed Intruder service works with the company’s existing Protection360 Service to deliver 24/7 real time emergency service dispatch and interactive property alerts. When it is activated, the Armed Intruder Device notifies local law enforcement of an armed intruder situation within seconds.

The service is designed to provide peace of mind and reinforce a proactive preventative approach to help deter these kinds of situations.


The InsurTech Buckle announced its rideshare-only auto insurance is now available in Tennessee.

Buckle entered the Tennessee market after launching its rideshare coverage (combining personal and commercial coverage in one policy) for Transportation Network company drivers in Georgia.

Buckle’s auto insurance products use non-traditional, rich data sources available on gig workers that traditional insurers do not have access to, including driving track records, crowdsourced from thousands of trips. This allows Buckle to provide affordable auto insurance to this new risk class that falls in-between non-prime and deep sub-prime, the company said.

Sources: The Hartford/Tractable, Roost, Buckle

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