For executives fretting about pursuing a successful digital transformation, here’s a thought: Hire the innovators.

There’s plenty of pressure to pursue innovation and digital change with existing management and employees. But as a recent blog posting via the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management notes, bringing on innovators from the outside can help get the job done.

“Successful leaders understand they need people who agree with an organization’s digital vision as well as the ability to innovate,” notes the posting, which is based on a recent report from Capgemini and George Westerman, principal research scientist with the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.

The posting points out that having employees, in part, who “are ready to overcome the challenges that thwart digital initiatives” makes all the difference toward enacting a successful digital transformation strategy. In other words, attitude is everything.

With that in mind, the posting recommends executives “look for people with intellectual curiosity and those with different viewpoints to encourage diversity of thought.”

To read the full posting on digital transformation tips, you can click here.