Employers need to offer top-notch benefits and unique workplace experiences to retain top talent, as more than half of employees in a recent survey indicated they would leave their current employer for new opportunities.

The survey from Aon Hewitt found that 52 percent of employees are open to leaving their current employers, with 44 percent actively looking for new roles.

“To keep and attract the highest performers, employers need an authentic employee value proposition that sets them apart from competitors,” said Ray Baumruk, employee research leader at Aon Hewitt. “Even more importantly, organizations must listen to their employees to understand and foster a culture where employees’ expectations and desires are closely aligned with the employment experience they offer.”

Aon Hewitt’s Workforce Mindset study surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. employees to find out what characteristics make an employee’s experience unique and different. The top five workplace differentiators include:

  1. Provides above average pay (62 percent).
  2. Provides above average benefits (61 percent).
  3. Is a fun place to work (58 percent).
  4. Has a flexible work environment (57 percent).
  5. Is a strong fit with my values (56 percent).

In other survey findings, employees are 15 times more likely to be engaged when workplace communication is open and honest and 11 times more likely to be engaged when they feel encouraged to share their ideas and opinions.

Source: Aon Hewitt