Stressed and toxic employees captured the attention of Carrier Management’s readers in 2013, with news articles about those two types of workers showing up in the top 10 news reports of the year on our website.

Readers also followed updates about Tower Group International Ltd., with a report its doubtful “going-concern” status landing in second place on a ranking of news articles based on reader views.

News about the departure of four AIG executives who started up Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, and speculation about potential premium volume of the new group, also figured prominently among our top-10 news stories.

The complete top 10 list is set forth below, with links embedded in the titles.

Carrier Management’s Top 10 News Articles of 2013:

  1. Employees Stressed But Not For Reasons Employers Think: Research
  2. Tower Restating Prior Financials; ‘Going Concern’ Status in Doubt
  3. Will Berkshire’s New Specialty Group Rocket Past Ironshore with $5B in Premiums?
  4. Top 10 Non-Life Reinsurers: A.M. Best Ranking
  5. Companies Perceived as Too Tolerant of ‘Toxic Employees’ with Bad Attitudes
  6. Tower Update: We Will Meet Obligations, CEO Says
  7. Tower Group, Meadowbrook Filing Delays Prompt Shareholder Investigations
  8. 17 P/C Insolvencies, Only One Cat-Driven In 2012: A.M. Best
  9. P/C Insurers Facing A.M. Best Rating Action If TRIA Not Renewed
  10. Departing Execs Disagreed With Core Strategy, AIG’s Benmosche Says on CNBC