Career experience in deep tech and investing in insurance industry innovation give Jonathan Kalman a unique perspective on how artificial intelligence will change the P/C insurance industry.

Executive Summary

Leadership happens at all levels of the organization. How will insurers infuse AI leadership across the entire enterprise? P/C industry participants shared their thoughts with CM Guest Editor Mike Fitzgerald. Michael (Fitz) Fitzgerald, Insurance Industry Advisor for SAS Institute Inc., served as guest editor for this article and others featured in CM's Q1-2024 magazine, "Leading the AI-Powered Insurer."

The impacts of AI will be felt in “every single function”—and talent management is no exception, Kalman, a founding partner of Eos Venture Partners, told CM Guest Editor Michael (Fitz) Fitzgerald during a recent interview.

“AI will impact the talent war in [the] industry. You will see a tremendous upskilling of the workforce in insurance where people will be augmenting their work with a copilot, which will allow faster maturation of skills,” said Kalman (referring broadly to assistive technology rather than Microsoft Copilot, specifically). “It will allow different skills transfer. And it will allow more efficient workloads, so you can have less people doing administrative tasks.”

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