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Insurance has a reputation for being slow to evolve and steadfastly traditional. The industry has started shattering this stereotype by leaning into innovation and embracing technologies that enable modern user experiences. Now, the industry is primed to apply the same forward-thinking approach to our people by embracing employment policies aligned with the evolving priorities of the modern workforce.

Executive Summary

"It's time to meet the Great Resignation with a Great Reset on how we define caring for our people," writes Evan Purmont, CEO of Central Insurance, detailing the steps his company took to rethink workplace benefits—an effort that translated into a threefold jump in employee engagement in just a few months.

A People-First Culture Is Key

As insurance companies begin to rethink workplace benefits, we’re faced with the unique challenge of prioritizing stakeholder groups. Who comes first? Policyholders, agents and brokers, or employees? At Central Insurance, we start with our own people. Going all in on employees supports a highly engaged internal culture and sense of care that radiates far beyond our company walls. When our employees feel valued and supported, they pay it forward by extending the same to our agents, brokers and policyholders.

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