PURE Group explains its principles and purpose on its website as follows:

Purpose: We are dedicated to making our members smarter, safer and more resilient so they can pursue their passions with greater confidence.

People: We are deeply committed to hiring, developing and rewarding exceptionally talented people. This commitment creates loyalty among our employees, encourages collaboration and leads to innovation.

Principles: We seek to provide our employees with a career that is part of a fulfilling life. In exchange, we ask them to practice “membercentricity” and uphold all of our PURE Principles.

  1. We do the right thing—always.
  2. We think about the long term.
  3. We balance the needs of each member with the interests of the entire membership.
  4. We align the interests of our interdependent stakeholders. If we are ever confronted with a situation where the interests of one stakeholder are at odds with the interests of another, we are guided to do what we believe is best for the membership.

“Our principles are intended to be a set of guideposts, PURE’s CHRO told CM. “We have smart people operating in complex environments that face challenges, where trying to understand how to balance the interests of different stakeholders is complicated,” she said, noting that they are written in to offer active advice to employees facing challenging job situations.