Why do some leaders have greater success than others?

Executive Summary

To attain many of their goals, executives must make time for items that are "important but not urgent"—the things they need to do that are developmental or that build the infrastructure that will enable them to achieve their ultimate targets, writes Executive Coach Marsha Egan, drawing an analogy to training for a marathon. But many find it easier to devote time to the immediate rewards of checking short-range action items instead.

In this fast-paced world, we are continually challenged to fit more work into the same time frames that we all have. One of the most challenging parts of “fitting it all in” is not only deciding what is important but getting to that important stuff so that we can get it done.

Just about every client in my coaching practice has struggled with their time and life management. Their to-do lists have to-do lists. We could be busy diligently working on all those action items 24/7 and still not complete the list. So, how do we get to the right stuff in the right time?

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