Merrick Rosenberg was addressing the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce this November when his past came back to haunt him.

Executive Summary

As insurance becomes more technology-driven, corporate leaders need to ease their employees into the mix by catering to their work personality styles. Here, Merrick Rosenberg, author of "The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does," offers a simplified version of the DISC personality index, using birds as metaphors for personality types to help guide leadership eagles and other high flyers to understand how to present new strategic plans to their flocks of followers.

The CEO of Take Flight Learning in Marlboro, N.J., and a sought-after author and expert on team building, leadership development and DISC personality styles, Rosenberg had just finished his keynote address for the Chamber’s Young Professionals Summit when an attendee approached.

“I knew I recognized your name,” the man told him after a brief greeting. “I’ve sat in your parents’ kitchen many times.”

It was the Rosenberg family’s longtime Liberty Mutual agent, who young Merrick had known since boyhood and from whom he had bought his first auto insurance policy when he was a teen. A true blast from the past.

It’s less likely, however, that Rosenberg’s future grandchildren will sit down for face-to-face policy discussions with their friendly neighborhood insurance agent—as the insurance industry dives further into the world of technology—and much more likely any future Rosenbergs will stream their insurance needs online or via face-to-virtual-face Skype sessions.

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