Chances are you’ve seen a 32-second commercial during the NFL season where Peyton Manning bites into an oversized sandwich in his kitchen. Before he does this, he sings “chicken parm, you taste so good” to the melody from the decades-old jingle, “Nationwide is on your side.”

Executive Summary

What made Nationwide's ad campaign with Peyton Manning so successful? A likable, down to earth lead; a proven jingle; and lots of consumer research, says Nationwide's Rick Jackson. In a recent interview with Carrier Management, Jackson discussed why Manning was chosen, what it took to bring the campaign to life and what the future holds.

The commercial debuted in September 2014, when Manning was still quarterback for the Denver Broncos (he retired this year). It, and Nationwide’s subsequent ads featuring Manning in the same campaign, are more than just successful—they’ve become part of pop culture, mixing a popular, contemporary figure with a jingle that is approaching its 50th anniversary of regular use.

Late night ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has referenced the ads, a “Saturday Night Live” sketch revolved around the campaign and the ads were even an answer to a question on “Jeopardy!”

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