Be on the lookout for super agents on a high-tech mission to better inform and serve insurance customers.

Executive Summary

Mercury Insurance has taken a big leap this year, launching its first national advertising campaign, which features "super agents" saving the day for their insurance customers. The ads will certainly generate brand awareness for Mercury, but one ad executive predicts they will fail to resonate with consumers.

That’s the theme in a series of techy and dynamic Mercury Insurance commercials now popping up nationwide.

It’s a light-hearted concept, but it’s a big leap for a company that’s pretty much stayed close to its California stronghold all these years.

Los Angeles-based Mercury in January launched its first national advertising campaign, which features agents in poses and activities that sort of resemble the “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” a comic-based television series where agents deal with villains and supernatural forces.

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