“Successful Associates. Successful Customers. The Next Billion.”

Executive Summary

When Scottsdale President Michael Miller added the phrase "The Next Billion" to the company's vision statement, he did not mean to suggest that a top-line focus was the order of the day at the surplus lines company. Instead, he intended to drive innovative "what-if" thinking in an already successful company, he says as he explains the successor strategy to "Good-to-Great" principles that have worked so far.

That’s the “simple vision” described on the website of Scottsdale Insurance, where employees are called “associates” and wholesale agents and brokers are the company’s “customers.”

President and Chief Operating Officer Michael D. Miller articulated two parts of the vision in an article he wrote for Carrier Management over the summer.

The article details how Miller and his predecessor Max Williamson applied the principles of business bible “Good to Great” to the business of specialty lines insurance. He explains the concepts of Level 5 leadership and the corresponding culture of inclusion and access that builds successful associates at Scottsdale.

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