Just six months after John Charman took the reins of Endurance Specialty Holdings in May 2013, he announced to the investor community that the management team had been completely restructured.

Executive Summary

Honing her abilities to assess situations and make decisions quickly during a career as a claims professional, Catherine Kalaydjian brings that experience and a prior background in management roles to her new position as Chief Operations Officer of Endurance Specialty Holdings. As the leader of operations, Kalaydjian has been tackling an efficiency mandate handed down from new CEO John Charman in an environment of rapid change and growth since July 2013. This article is part of a five-part series of profiles of chief operations officers of P/C insurers.

In addition, he said during a November 2013 conference call that the underwriting culture was being refocused and underwriting talent greatly expanded while total headcount and corporate costs had been slashed.

“In short, we’ve been really busy,” he concluded.

Odds are that Catherine Kalaydjian was too busy to hear Charman’s remarks.

Last July, Endurance announced that Kalaydjian would assume the role of chief operations officer, giving her oversight of IT, insurance and reinsurance underwriting operations, procurement and project management. Those responsibilities came in addition to the ones she had taken on when she accepted the role of chief administration officer just six months earlier—managing HR, marketing, communications and facilities.

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