The most gifted professionals in property/casualty insurance organizations can also be the ones to bring those organizations down if carriers don’t employ valued-based ERM processes to manage talent risks, an expert suggested recently.

Executive Summary

Is the unique expertise of a super-bright professional increasing the value of your company? Risk Expert Sim Segal explains how an employee who is a "mastermind" or a growth-inducing "rainmaker" can actually be a killer torpedo that sets an organization on a course to implosion, and how a value-based ERM program can mitigate talent concentration risks.

Although he didn’t state his case in quite those words, and talent-related risks weren’t the only examples of commonly neglected risks that are leading indicators of potential carrier collapse, Sim Segal, president of SimErgy Consulting, put three talent-centered risks at the top of a list of “killers” he presented during a recent industry meeting.

Speaking at a gathering of the Casualty Actuaries of Greater New York (CAGNY) during a session titled “Killer Risks: Torpedoes in the Water,” Segal identified “masterminds” with unique expertise, “rainmakers” with the magic touch to grow revenues and “arrogant” individuals (and business units) on his list of eight killer risks for all types of organizations, including P/C insurers.

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