There is no doubt that so-called Big Data is changing the way many companies do business. The volume of information being generated by web activity is growing exponentially and the technology has finally emerged to manage this astounding amount of data.

Executive Summary

Enservio VP Jim Fini explains why his firm has built an analytics product to enable homeowners carriers to predict required contents coverage with information such as marital status, age, and gender of household members, rather than Coverage A amounts.

A few short years ago, the most coveted job description was Java engineer. Now that has been replaced by database engineers and math and statistics wonks. As always, the primary challenge with Big Data is separating the signal from the noise to find those nuggets of intelligence that provide competitive advantage.

After finding the value, the next challenge is making the intelligence actionable. Sometimes insight requires change that may be challenging to implement. Managers whose headcount or prestige is at stake can become roadblocks to change when their cheese is moved.

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