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Origami Risk continues to solidify its position as the leading global software provider within the risk and insurance ecosystem. In a significant move last month, Origami Risk successfully completed the acquisition of Dais Technologies, a prominent Chicago-based company specializing in cloud-native and API-driven platforms designed to simplify the development, management, and distribution of digital insurance offerings.

Origami has a proven history of delivering innovation and speed-to-value for its clients. Origami. With a history of successful innovation, Origami Risk’s latest move enhances its ability to do so even further, especially concerning managing general agents (MGAs), insurers, and reinsurers.

Dais Technologies introduces a game-changing no-code solution, ideal for efficiently launching insurance products with minimal upfront costs. Their customizable ‘storefront’ enhances policy administration, delivering efficiency.

For a more in-depth understanding of Origami’s vision and ongoing expansion, we invite you to explore further into the details…

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