The upcoming 2024 State of Risk report focuses on how risk, safety, and insurance professionals are increasingly being asked to manage novel risks. From the explosive growth of generative AI applications to new climate change-driven weather extremes to technological changes impacting the nature of cyber-attacks and how geopolitical conflicts are fought, organizations are facing a “new normal” in which what once was considered unprecedented is now a regular occurrence.

The report examines how risk, safety, and insurance professionals are adapting to this dynamic environment, what happens to those who fail to keep pace, and why building resilient strategies are essential to tackling a continuous stream of rapidly evolving risks that don’t have historic precedent to reference. It also offers an analysis of the current rush to adopt AI, including strategies to better understand the risks and opportunities that stem from this game-changing technology.

We need your input to paint the most accurate and comprehensive picture of the insurance industry. Your responses to the State of Risk survey will help us analyze the current state of risk management related to insurance and predict future exposure to emerging risks.

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