Origami’s bureau solution emerges as a game-changer. What makes it stand out?

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Proactive Bureau Engagement: Origami subscribes to bureaus, analyzing circulars in advance. Clients receive insights 60-90 days ahead, ensuring no surprises and seamless compliance.

Multi-Tenant Agility: Deploying content in a true multi-tenant architecture, Origami aligns updates with circulars. No conflicts between proprietary and bureau content, making compliance hassle-free.

Effortless ISO and NCCI Processing: Origami processes ISO and NCCI content internally, offering clients a hands-off experience. We handle the heavy lifting, allowing insurers to focus on strategic decisions.

Configurable Rating Algorithms: Origami’s multi-tenant environment ensures efficiency, benefitting over 900 clients. The architecture allows easy navigation, testing, and deployment of bureau content, offering unmatched self-sufficiency.

Full-Service Efficiency: Origami’s full-service approach ensures near real-time implementation of circular updates. Supporting coverages across all 50 states, Origami simplifies a complex landscape with agility.

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