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The person who invented autocorrect should burn in hello.

We’ve probably all seen some form of this joke and thought about a situation where a word we wanted to type was replaced by one we definitely did not intend to write.

For the most part, though, I think we can agree that the man who invented autocorrect actually did a good thing. (Was it Dean Hachamovitch? Or Ken Kocienda? Sources vary.) Automation in many aspects of our lives has been welcomed.

For property/casualty underwriters, the promise of automation has been talked about for years. And not just automation—but the use of artificial intelligence to help “augment” the decision-making processes of human underwriters.

How has that been working in the day-to-day lives of commercial and personal lines underwriters? What forms of automation and AI have helped you? What automated features have added layers of complexity to your job that you can do without?

Has automation slowed you down? How? (Sounds like a dumb question, but a survey of P/C underwriters conducted by Accenture and The Institutes last year reveals that about one-quarter of respondents said technology added to their workloads, and another 38 percent said technology didn’t change their workloads at all.)

What’s the best tech tool that your company introduced that made your job better?

Can you share an example of a situation where a machine learning algorithm helped you avoid writing a bad risk that you might have otherwise excepted? What did you or one of your human teammates miss that the AI caught?

What about the reverse? Do you have an example of a situation where an underwriting algorithm recommended that your company accept a risk that was—or would have been—a disastrous addition to your portfolio?

Carrier Management is eager to hear from working property/casualty underwriters about how their jobs have changed in the last five years, about how technology has improved or hindered their jobs—and what they hope for in the future.

Contact Editor Susanne Sclafane via email ( if you have time to share your views—anonymously or for-the-record. Or send a message to her on LinkedIn where a copy of this article is posted.

We aim to compile the responses in a feature in our upcoming magazine, hoping to guide carrier investments in technology to the types of tools that will make the lives of their P/C underwriters better.