Milliman unveiled a suite of flood InsurTech products that the consulting firm said it designed to ease market entry for private insurers, startups and MGAs. Separately, InsurTech unicorn Tractable said that LKQ North America, a provider of alternative vehicle parts, is now using Tractable’s Artificial Intelligence to accelerate and optimize the recycling of the salvage vehicles.


Milliman’s Bungalow, PinPoint, and Appleseed flood suite includes pricing, GIS location data, and regulatory forms and filings geared toward easy rollout for startups, MGAs, and carriers

Milliman Bungalow is described as a complete flood insurance solution.

Milliman PinPoint offers rapid, easy location-based rating intelligence.

Milliman Appleseed, is an advisory organization licensed to submit regulatory pricing filings in 38 states so far.

“To roll out a private flood offering successfully, insurers must invest significant resources to address the evolving market and regulatory uncertainty,” said David D. Evans, Consulting Actuary at Milliman. “Milliman’s suite of products—built by some of the foremost experts on flood insurance—accelerates the process by reducing the risks and costs of market entry while also providing a bespoke approach for product differentiation,” he said.

Together, the suite provides a one-stop-shop for insurers looking to enter the growing private flood insurance market, Milliman said.


Tractable AI uses computer vision, a technology that allows algorithms to reason based on images. For LKQ, Tractable AI will assess vehicle damages to determine which parts can be recycled and reused. Tractable’s AI has been trained on millions of historical examples and performs on par with human intelligence, increasing the level of consistency and accuracy.

Yogi Shivdasani, Vice President of North America Supply Chain at LKQ, said: “We are excited to be the first recycled parts provider to apply AI to the effective and efficient procurement of salvage vehicles.”

Shivdasani also noted that Tractable’s AI further assists LKQ in delivering “the right parts, to the right place, and at the right time.”

Alex Dalyac, Tractable co-founder and CEO, said: “Through this collaboration with LKQ North America, our technology is improving the value of parts recycling for the entire North American auto repair ecosystem. By finding reusable parts at scale and ensuring they are distributed more quickly, our technology is already having a positive impact on both the auto industry and the environment.”