Some of the latest insurance product offerings include WFH Insurance from Nationwide, loss of rent insurance from Swiss Re’s iptiQ, and “the tastiest insurance ever”—not really insurance—for ice cream lovers.


Nationwide’s new “Work From Home Insurance” is a package of auto, home/renters, and identity theft coverage options for consumers working and living in today’s new world, the Columbus, Ohio-based insurer announced last week.

The protection bundle will be available in more than 30 states across the country this summer with plans to include additional states and coverages in the future. The offering is available online only and allows consumers to get a quote for the bundled insurance package in just a few easy steps.

Giving more details of the coverage, Nationwide said that the home/renters insurance includes coverages to protect things people care about, “including those in their home office.” The auto coverage is a usage-based auto insurance, offering personalized savings based on driving habits.

Explaining the identity theft component, the carrier noted that as people use their home networks more than ever before, their data is more vulnerable, which prompted Nationwide to offer protection in the event of a data breach.

“Research shows that nearly 20 million people are working from home and that number is expected to grow to more than 36 million by 2025,” said Chetan Kandhari, Nationwide’s Chief Innovation and Digital Officer, in a statement, citing data from Upwork’s December 2020 Future Workforce Pulse Report.

“The time is right for people who work from home to revisit their current insurance protections to make sure they have coverage that fits their unique needs—and aren’t overpaying for it,” he said.

In a recent survey, Nationwide found that 29 percent of consumers were leaving savings on the table by not bundling. (Edelman Intelligence conducted the online survey for Nationwide in early February, reaching out to a sample of 400 independent insurance agents and 1,000 general consumers.) For many Americans, their situations—including work locations—have changed since the last time they re-assessed their insurance needs, Nationwide said.


Loss of rent insurance offers private landlords protection against rent-related losses from new tenancy agreements.

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Swiss Re’s iptiQ and ImmoScout24, Germany’s leading online real estate platform, are launching the product.

Swiss Re’s iptiQ is a white-label provider of property/casualty and life/ health insurance. Its B2B2C business model, combined with the iptiQ platform, enables brands like ImmoScout24 to offer new digital insurance solutions to their customers.

In this case, iptiQ offers ImmoScout24 customers coverage for the complete or partial loss of up to six months’ rent (including additional costs) or a maximum amount of €10,000 (US$11,927), with annual premiums starting at €40.90 (US$48.78).

Available in the German market, the product can be taken out with just a few clicks and is easily managed online. The insurance is valid for one year from the start of a new tenancy and can be canceled on a daily basis.

While ImmoScout24 acts as a registered agent for the product, all insurance-related aspects are covered by iptiQ, from the user journey to the issuing of policies, and the management of contracts to the settlement and payment of claims.

“The digital ImmoScout24 loss of rent insurance means that we can provide private landlords with an innovative service that makes renting out a property safer for them,” said Ralf Weitz, managing director of ImmoScout24. “This is particularly relevant if tenants experience difficulties meeting rent payments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic—and other factors, of course,” added Weitz.


Cookie Coverage, an offering rolled out by Breyers Ice Cream yesterday in recognition of National Insurance Day, purports to the “Tastiest. Insurance. Ever.” But is it really insurance?

There is a claim form for those not satisfied with the cookie-to-cream ratio in the ice cream maker’s revamped Cookies & Cream Frozen Dairy Dessert recipe, reportedly now made with 20 percent more cookie pieces in every tub.

Despite the talking cow spokesperson, we’re unmoooved by the declaration that this is insurance.

“Starting today, fans can sign up at, where they’ll receive both an instant 50 percent offer on their next tub of Breyers Cookies & Cream ($2 coupon value) and an official insurance certificate that provides protection on their tub’s cookies & cream goodness,” Breyers said. “Breyers Cookie Coverage guarantees 100 percent satisfaction with Breyers Cookies & Cream or the next tub is on us. If not completely satisfied with the cookie -to-cream ratio in the updated recipe, fans can revisit where they will get ‘coverage’ to try another Breyers variety, for free.”

You be the judge.

Here’s what the cow said.

OK, maybe she’s more convincing that the Budweiser folks who announced a contest earlier this month, inviting beer drinkers to describe their barbecue rainouts and other BBQ mishaps for a chance to win some cash prizes.