Welcome to Carrier Management’s 2021 Midyear Update—What’s Next?

The young woman on the cover of Carrier Management’s summer digital magazine edition looks relaxed and eager to embrace the future.

As insurance and reinsurance leaders take a deep breath and prepare for a mask-free future, they probably do so with a combination of excitement and trepidation.

Challenges ahead are interlaced with opportunities to grow and to innovate as carriers and reinsurers move to fill coverage gaps that have come into greater focus during the past 15 months.

Hybrid work arrangements and digital transformation projects are just some of the items on their agendas, as they also are keeping their eyes on trends like social inflation, economic inflation, InsurTech competitors and cyber attacks.

We look at all of these topics in this digital edition of our magazine, which also features a special focus on intersecting areas of the traditional insurance and InsurTech worlds that some believe is the future of insuranceembedded insurance. In a series of interviews, Guest Editor David Bradford takes readers from Salt Lake City, Utah to Basel, Switzerland to Paris, France—and into the Google Cloud—to find out what traditional carriers, reinsurers and InsurTechs are doing to make the concept of embedding insurance in non-insurance commercial products and services a reality.

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