Welcome to the debut of Carrier Management’s Leadership Tips newsletter.

Even the best leader has room for improvement. Whether you’re a relative newcomer or a veteran leader, this bi-monthly newsletter will help you take your leadership game to the next level.

We’ll deliver insights and advice curated from the writings of top leadership experts—offering tips on communication, conflict resolution, time management, dealing with stress and burnout, building trust, and more.

Our debut edition includes an article from Carrier Management’s Q2 2021 magazine, authored by communications/PR expert Katrina Waddy, who offers advice to leaders looking to embrace their true selves and be more authentic. She notes that authentic management styles can go a long way in inspiring loyalty and trust in employees and contributing to job satisfaction.

Also included is a roundup of expert advice on managing your team, with tips to help you keep employees motivated and engaged.

We appreciate your readership and interest. Please send your suggestions and feedback to ktallon@carriermanagement.com.