Welcome to the debut of Carrier Management’s Risk Alerts newsletter.

Even the most vigilant insurers and reinsurers scanning the risk landscape for potential future liability problems are likely to fall into landmines. What insurance risks of the immediate or distant future are being overlooked now?

Carrier Management offers a continuing look at some partially hidden risks with this monthly newsletter, which will combine feature articles with short takes flagging risks that may not yet have surfaced in property/casualty C-suites or boardrooms, on insurance conference agendas, or in the mainstream press but which may well have insurance implications.

Our debut edition includes an article from Praedicat experts examining so-called “forever chemicals”—per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that are commercially useful but extremely resistant to degradation in the environment. Scientific evidence has linked PFAS to infertility, cancer, obesity and developmental issues.

Also included is a short-takes roundup from Carrier Management’s Q2 2021 magazine, which focuses on risks associated with climate change, cyber threats, pollutants and recreational marijuana.

We appreciate your readership and interest. Please send your suggestions and feedback to ktallon@carriermanagement.com.