Carrier Management published its first magazine of 2021 last Friday, “Between The Quarters: What To Focus On in 2021,” in digital format. If you didn’t receive a copy in your email inbox, all the articles are now available to view on the magazine page of our website.

Already popular highlights of the edition include articles titled “Racism in Insurance: How Things Can Change,” “Actuary to Actuary: Understanding Racism in the Workplace” and “Ranking U.S. Insurers: How They Score on ESG Performance.”

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Carrier Management will publish its four quarterly magazines this year in both glossy print and digital formats, with the freshly printed pages of the first-quarter 2021 magazine mailing at the end of February for those readers who still cherish the tangible experience of leafing through articles and poring over printed words away from the glare of electronic devices.

We’ll be publishing another “Between the Quarter” digital edition in the summer.

Past editions of all our magazines are now available on the magazine page of our website—”The Magazine.