Between The Quarters: What To Focus On in 2021

Carrier Management Magazine • Jan 2021 Edition

Looking ahead to what matters to property/casualty insurers this year, Carrier Management editors delivered articles about ESG ratings, racism in insurance, talent management, innovation strategies and ongoing COVID risks in the January “Between The Quarters” digital edition. These topics will be examined in greater depth in the first-quarter magazine, mailing out in glossy print at the end of February.

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Leadership and Strategy


How to Invest in People

No, this article is not about money. This article is about time. And people. And how your investment in them can bring great returns. When you take the time to invest in people, you invest in ...

Racism and Diversity Issues

Racism in Insurance: How Things Can Change

Move out of your comfort zone. Embrace failure. The two ideas are ever-present in articles telling property/casualty insurance leaders what they need to do to create innovative cultures and build the ...

Rise and (Help Others) Shine

What wakes you up every morning? Your alarm clock? The neighbor's (or your) barking dog? Sunrise through your window? A gentle nudge from your significant other? For most of the world, the year 2020 ...

Risk Alerts

InsurTech Trends

InsurTechs vs. Incumbents: Trends to Watch

Panelists speaking at a recent Carrier Management Virtual Roundtable agreed that InsurTechs are sprinting ahead of insurance industry incumbents on the innovation spectrum but said that investments ...